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Extended Training

We offer extended training for your Prize Doodle pup! Pups stay in the home of and receive training from a certified trainer for 2 1/2 months (10-week program).  They receive training on crate, potty and leash

training as well as training on manners and following cues, such as sit, stay, etc. At 4 1/2 months old, they will graduate from our training program and then we will help transition your new pup into your home and family. 

There are a limited number of slots for each litter for extended training, so please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in your Prize Doodle pup getting this special time with a certified trainer. 

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The cost of extended training is $9,900 and a $3,500 deposit is required to secure your spot for training.  The deposit is subtracted from the total training fee.  Puppy price is NOT included in training pricing.

Training Program FAQs: 

What kind of training will my pup get/what approach do you use?  Our trainers only use positive reinforcement training methods.  We feel that anything else falls short of what these amazing pups deserve.  We want to be sure they are treated as special as they no doubt are to both us and you, therefore negative reinforcement training has no place here. 

What specifically does my pup learn in this program?  Feel free to review our Program Overview for further information and specifics on what pups learn during their training.

​Does my pup receive vet care while training?  Yes, your pup will get any age-appropriate vaccines that are needed as well as appropriate preventative meds and will also be groomed by a professional groomer in the time that he/she will be in training. 

Do I get pictures of my pup during their time with the trainer? Yes, you will get both pics and videos delivered to you during this time.  It's really important to us for you to stay connected with your pup!

Do I get to visit my pup while in training? Yes, there will be opportunities to visit your pup.  Your trainer will reach out to coordinate that, if your location allows.

Will my puppy be socialized during this time?  Yes, socialization is actually a portion of your pup's training and is really important during this age.  Your pup will be exposed to different situations to help make him/her comfortable in those circumstances.  Exposure of the pup to children, elderly, noises such as dishwashers, vehicles, etc. all mold them into a well-rounded adult dog, able to handle these type of distractions. 

What can I expect for pick up/delivery?  Your pup's trainer will introduce you and your family to what your pup has learned over the previous weeks and advise you on how to continue using that. We want to help facilitate an easy transition and be sure that you're ready to continue using all of the cues that your pup now knows. They will be excited to show you all that they've learned!

Feel free to message us below if you are interested in a pup with extended training and we'll be glad to give you additional info.  Ready, Set, Learn!

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