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Winter Availability
Click on the pic below to see a larger image.

Below are mediums (30-40 lbs, fully grown) that are available to go home this week:

Email us below to start a conversation about reserving a pup from these current litters or our upcoming litters, we'd love to connect with you.

This page is updated daily, so info is current and these are the first available pups. Always a great idea to keep an eye on our facebook or Instagram pages for additional updates on our availability.  The links are at the bottom of the website.  If you already have a deposit in place for an earlier pup, you are all set, this info is for future reservations only. 

Extended Training is available for one or two pups from each litter! For more info on trained puppies and pricing, go to Training

ATTENTION! If you would like preferred choice of a particular litter, please feel free to add your name to that litter's waiting list. Perspective owners who have sent in their deposits will be able to choose their puppies before the litter's pictures are posted on the website, which means that most litter's pups don't make it to the website before being sold out! The majority of pups are pre-sold, so please don't wait to see individual puppy pics on our website, as some litters aren't making it that far before being chosen by families on our waitlist.  If you would like a Prize Doodles pup, please contact us to be added to our waitlist. Thank you!We require a non-refundable deposit of $400.00 US dollars to hold your choice of puppy. These puppies go very fast, so please don't ask us to hold a puppy without a deposit. Puppies must be paid-in-full before they are flown to or picked up by their new owners. If a puppy is not picked up when they become ready for their new homes, then daily boarding fees will be incurred. Payment is accepted in cash or via paypal/credit card, at our discretion. Escorted flight options will incur an additional charge. Prices do vary, depending on our current volume, rareness of color coat, etc., so please feel free to contact us for more specific information on each litter.


If you live too far for local pick up, escorted flight options are available. The charge for this service varies depending on point of pick up, we'll be glad to discuss options with you regarding flights. 


If you have questions about visiting, please see our Visitor's Policy.

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