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Our Adults (Females)


We just love to show off our breeder adults! They are truly a part of our family and we love each and every one of them.  We just ask one thing--like our children, don't ask us to choose favorites!  Each one of them adds something unique to our family and Prize Doodles, as well.


Our adults are all well dispositioned, friendly and easily trained--traits that their puppies should reflect as well.

A Note About Coat Types


You will notice differences in the look of our adult's coats.  Labradoodle standards require either wool or fleece coats.  Wool tends to be a tighter curl and more coarse to the touch (just like a poodle) whereas fleece is either a spiral curl or a looser wave and is just super soft.  Both are allergy-friendly and shed-free in Multi-Gen (3rd gen and above) labradoodles.  Prize Doodles concentrates on fleece coats for their more desirable texture and the ability to have either wavy or spiral fleece (sometimes called curly fleece), depending on your preference.  You'll see both spiral fleece and wavy fleece in our adults.  We'll be happy to speak with you about which type will best fit your family.


is a gorgeous dark red doodle that is just as sweet as she is beautiful! She loves to cuddle and just chill with us.  She is such an even-tempered girl, she's up for anything as long as that means time spent with her family.  Easy going and happy, she is the benchmark of the personality that we breed for and we love when it shows so thoroughly as it does with Brazil.  "Watering the plants, mom? Happy to help!" - Brazil



is a sugar sweet girl that is carrying on our lighter colored lines.  She is a champagne in coloring and will have pups in the champagne/golden color range.  She's a miniature, so about 25 lbs.  Bridges is so friendly and loves her outdoors time.  She's just a happy girl and spreads her sunshine to everyone that's around her.  If you are looking for lighter coloring, this is one of those litters!



is a chocolate merle doodle with lots of white accenting! Every merle is different, like a fingerprint, with their patterns swirling with chocolate, mocha, tan or white (and sometimes all of those!) and making each chocolate merle unique. Andorra brings an exceptional personality to the mix, too, with her being anyone's couch buddy that would like to volunteer they time and "pets".  She'll snuggle up in a New York minute!



is a golden colored labradoodle and she's bubbling with personality, for sure!  She is the greeter of the group and she always has a smile for you, which reaches all of the way to her eyes every time!  She has just a genuine soul and is thrilled to be able to hang out with you and get cuddle time.  She's the happy go-lucky friend that you always want to hang out with because they are a real pleasure to be around, that's our Luna!



is a chocolate merle that is just exceptional! First, she has double blue eyes (a true rarity in labradoodles) and just a beautiful merle coloring/pattern.  Merles are like fingerprints, there's no two alike, so it's fun to see how each pup is unique in this.  Versailles' personality matches her looks, she is just a super friendly, happy girl.  Never met a stranger and her top goal is to get cuddles from you!  Sugar sweet, she is amazing!



is an dark chocolate merle labradoodle and she is definitely gorgeous!  Such a rare and unique color coat, no two merles have the same patterns, it seems.  They look like dark chocolate was drizzled all over them!  Venice is one of our medium-sized merle litter moms and she is a sugar sweet girl.  She is so personable and is ready to just go and do and meet everyone, she's a lover, for sure!


Madison (Maddie)

is a sweet girl, for sure.  She enjoys everyone's company and I think she'd crawl in your pocket, if she could!  She just wants to hang out and have fun with you and loves to show her peeps how much she adores them.  Always has a smile for us and has just the friendliest personality!  She is the next generation to carry on those traits from our Prize Doodles that we have come to expect in our lines.  Gorgeous redhead, too!



is a chocolate merle medium-sized girl that is a pleasure to call friend.  She's very attentive, pays close attention to what's going on around her and finds a lot of pleasure in just sitting with her humans and watching the birds play and soak in her surroundings.  Belly rubs are her favorite past time and when she can have that and be outside romping around, well, that's just heaven on earth! Gorgeous coat, beautiful pups!



is a multigen labradoodle with the coloring of a goldendoodle! Some people think this color is exclusive to goldendoodles, but it's not! Rich, buttery golden coloring, just amazing, pics never do it justice.  It looks like she is lit from within in the evening hours and that pretty much describes her, as her manner seems to echo that, as well.  Just a joy to be around and I can tell you, we never pass by Sydney without her giving us a gentle hug.  It's her favorite thing!



is just a jaw-dropping champagne with an amazing personality as well!  She is a happy go-lucky lady, she loves to be with her people and also her four-legged friends, she just loves everyone!  She continues our lighter colored lines in the approximately 35 lb range, so we're happy to have her here.  Her color is hard to find and just gives you the feeling of such a luxurious beauty!  We just love her!



is a beautiful parchment girl that has such a unique color coat, she just glows!  She has an affectionate demeanor, just wanting to cuddle with you and share her joy.  She loves to give kisses and her tail always tells you that she is a happy girl.  Such a delight to be around, we're excited about her pups having their mom's friendly personality and great looks, too! Another rare color coat makes her a standout Prize Doodle!



is a chocolate merle mini that will keep you in stitches, she's the entertainer of the group!  She is always happily spreading her joy to all that's fortunate enough to find themselves in her company.  She's the one that catches your eye because she's doing something absolutely adorable and you just melt.  Beautiful white accenting, Hensley has the whole package and it's just a pleasure to spend time with her!



is a copper in color and boy, does she show it off!  Perfect structure, fleece coat and what a stunning color! She's a happy go-lucky kind of girl, just spreading love everywhere she goes.  Content to be by your side (a multigen labradoodle trait, for sure) and spend time with those she calls friend...and that's quite a list!  We are thrilled that Eden will be carrying on exceptional beauty and personality into the next generations of Prize Doodles!



shown here in her summer cut, is a rare copper in coloring and is as beautiful as she is sweet. She is from our own Tanner and Jayke and follows right along in her parents' footsteps with that great personality and charm. She loves being with her family and is a joy to be around. She is a great mommy as well. We are looking forward to keeping this line going and seeing Whitney produce some awesome babies, just like her parents.



is petite, beautiful, loving, calm, smart and simply precious!  She is very laid back and loves to just hang out with her family.  Josie gets along with other animals and loves every living thing.  She has been a great mom to her babies as well.  Her gentle ways never cease to amaze me and her personality is just exceptional!   Her demeanor is that you just want to spend time with her and just enjoy life. She is gorgeous too!!!!



an amazing, smaller red spiral fleece labradoodle.  She is that dark Sienna Red and we just can't say enough about her coat and coloring.  She is as sweet as the day is long, she is 100% lap dog and love, loves to cuddle.  Loves her play time, as well and is just a happy dog.  She is the next generation in our spiral fleece dark red lines and she is everything that we would want to carry on the torch.  So blessed to have her!



is our beautiful smaller red fleece girl that is a sister to Tennessee.  Gorgeous dark Sienna Red and is just a joy to be around!  She has the sweetest temperament and loves on all of us.  She loves to play with the kids and keeps them occupied better than we can!  We are so glad to have her in our program, she will pass those great traits on to her pups.  She's the exception to everything being bigger in Texas! 



is a cashmere merle female mini (she's about 25 lbs) and she is just a darling of a sweet girl.  She loves anyone that she meets and give you those big liquid brown eyes, then you get the sideways head tilt and you're won over, just like the last person that she met!  Very personable and just a happy girl, smiling all of the time.  Loves to play with her other companions and makes gorgeous pups, too.  She has it all!

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