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About Us

A small family breeder, Prize Doodles sees the importance of adding a new member to your family and we make it our mission to help you choose the best match possible! The majority of our new families (almost 100% now, we're happy to report!) come from referrals from families that have our pups, so making a great match is top priority here. Welcome to Prize Doodles, from our family to yours!

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     Prize Doodles has two locations: in Raleigh/Durham area, North Carolina and in Lynchburg, Virginia. We are a small family breeder focusing on raising healthy, genetically sound Australian Multi-Generational Labradoodles with lots of love and attention. Though we are a small breeder, we feel that it is important that each of our animals receive the extra love and care that he or she is deserving. There is a difference in breeders! Breeding is a great responsibility and we don't take it lightly. We only breed for the improvement of the labradoodle breed. Carisa and her family work closely together, using genetics as well as personal experience to provide families with puppies that have the very best traits found in the Australian labradoodle breed.

     Here at Prize Doodles, we feel very strongly about what we do. Our dogs are our family as well as our pets. They are a big part of our lives and have a lot of love given to them. Since meeting our first labradoodle many years ago, we have been in love with the breed and feel they are the best natured dogs and the most intelligent that we've ever encountered. Their intelligence, gentleness, companionship and stunning beauty far exceed any other breed that we have ever had.They are great with the elderly as well as with children, making them fantastic family dogs. Therefore, we do not breed any other type of dogs because in our opinion there are none to compare with the Australian labradoodle breed for any need. Whether they are needed for hunting, aid (such as a seeing-eye dog), therapy, companionship, as a watchdog/protector or as the ever-loving family pet, the Australian labradoodle does it all and they do it very well.

     We are there for the birthing of each and every puppy, that is very important to us. Each puppy is birthed by our hand. These precious little puppies are handled with loving care from birth every day until they are placed into the hands of their new owners to begin their lives at their new homes. Our children, Colby and Gared, also handle the pups with loving care. We make sure the pups have a lot of special time with children. All pups will have a vet health check, current vaccines and regular dewormings before leaving our home.

     Carisa adds "Having two children, I understand that it's so important as a parent that we introduce dogs into our families that will be loving companions. The nature and personality of Australian labradoodles allow them to come right into our family without my having to worry if I've made the right choice in a dog that will be around my children. The bond that is created, both with the adults and especially with the children of the family is exceptional. My older son, Colby and Regan, his labradoodle, are inseparable. She is very loyal to him and her face just lights up when she sees him. She goes "camping" in our yard with him, is his steady companion and loves to do whatever he is doing. Such a special relationship, one that all of us benefit from when we have a doodle as a part of our family. I just can't say enough about what they add to our lives. They are truly exceptional."


Visitor's Policy

We do understand your desire to visit and see for yourself how wonderful our doodles are, but due to parvo virus, canine influenza and other deadly diseases, we will not under any circumstances permit visitors around our pups and their developing immune systems. It is just too dangerous for the pups. We want to be sure that all of our pups come to their new families healthy and protecting them from being exposed to potentially deadly illnesses is top of the list! This is just one of the ways that you know that your puppy is in good hands with us. If we have pups available, you will be able to choose directly from provided pictures and videos of the available pups' of each litter and working directly with us to help find your perfect match. If you would like first choice of a particular litter, please feel free to add your name to our waiting list. Perspective owners who have sent in their deposits will be able to choose their puppies before the litter's pictures are posted on the website. Note that most litter's individual puppy pics do not make it to the website before all pups are sold, so the waitlist is your best chance at getting a Prize Doodle pup! Once your puppy is chosen, you will have peace of mind knowing that your puppy and his/her littermates will only be interacting with us and no potential illnesses will be introduced from outside visitations.  References are provided on our website and also on our facebook page.

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